How much wine do you really get for your money?

How much wine do you really get for your money?

The average spend on a bottle of wine in the UK is £5.39 – but what are you really getting for your money if you choose wine at this price point?

From 13 March 2017, duty on beer, cider, wine and spirits increases by RPI inflation (currently 3.9%). In real terms, this means that the excise duty alone of a 75cl bottle of wine will increase by 8p to £2.16.

Once you add on other costs such as logistics (20p), packaging (36p), VAT (90p) and £1.17 for profit margin, you are only left with 60p for the wine itself.

Not only do you get better quality for your money when you spend more, but this value also rises at a much faster rate with bottle price.

You will get £2.76 worth of wine with a £10 bottle and £7.09 with a £20 bottle. While the cost of a £20 bottle of wine is four times the price of a £5 bottle, the quality of the wine increases by a whopping 19 times!

While it comes as no surprise that the more you pay the better the wine, it is perhaps not widely known quite how the number stack up.