Time for a change….

I opened the first ‘Bambuni’ at 143 Evelina Rd in October 2011.  That feels so very long ago now!  After almost five years we decided to downsize the shop and focus on the parts of the business we loved the most – wine, beer & spirits. 🙂

So we took the lease on 26 Nunhead Green and finally got it open after extensive renovations in late 2016. Now, almost four years later, we’ve really hit our stride.  We’ve got amazing wine, knowledgeable staff, fantastic suppliers and most importantly loyal customers whom we greatly appreciate.

At the same time as re-locating the shop, my partner and I decided to move our young family of three from Nunhead to Margate. Now we are four and looking for pastures new once again.

And so, with a heavy heart, I am putting the lease at 26 Nunhead Green up for sale. I would love to see the shop continue in a similar vein as it is now, and am prepared to sell all necessary equipment, and to share all supplier contacts, knowledge and tips necessary for this to happen.

I would like to initially invite expressions of interest.  Please email me at huey@bambuni.co.uk explaining who you are and your circumstances. 

Thank you.