The wine retail market is fiercely competitive, but does it always have the best interests of the customer in mind?

Mail order wine clubs can seem like an attractive proposition with compelling offers on multipacks of wine selected by credible (but distant) experts, whilst the bulk purchasing powers of supermarkets can yield some significant knock-down prices. But don’t write off your local independent wine shop just yet!

If you’re looking for personalised advice, nothing can really compare with a face-to-face chat, providing friendly (and honest!) suggestions with an understanding of your preferred grape varieties in mind. The opportunity to attend tastings and sample new wines before you buy is another bonus, not to mention the fact that your local wine shop is conveniently located just down the road.

We will always try to source a particular wine that you are looking for. We recently found a beautiful white wine from the volcanic slopes of Etna for one customer; the finest Italian vermouth for another.

So, if you’re looking for something unique, or just an everyday drinking wine, venture no further than your local high street.

We look forward to seeing you soon!